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Infographics & Editorial Design

The Equal Justice Initiative released an extensive report on Reconstruction in America, documenting the era of racial terror that took place in the 12 years following the Civil War. I was contacted just before the release to create a visual companion booklet that would illustrate the content of the report, and be a helpful resource to teachers and students. The piece describes the timeline of racial violence toward Black people during the Reconstruction era at the hands of white mobs and officials. While the graphics I created show a historical snapshot of these horrific events, they are meant to reveal how these violent acts occurred as backlash toward any signs of progress, which sadly still resonates today. With this in mind, it was important that the layout and visuals be easy to navigate. I was inspired by EJI's efforts to make this information so readily accessible to the public. It was a great honor and a humbling experience to help further the work of this amazing organization.

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