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Character & Event Infographics

Just Mercy, the bestselling book by Bryan Stevenson details his work on Walker McMillian's wrongful sentence to Alabama's death row. This book will challenge your understanding of racism in America regarding crime, the media, the justice system, and the foster system. Woven together are countless depictions of people who are directly and indirectly effected by the true events in the book. Many outside historical events and landmark cases are referenced which give deeper understanding to the work of the Equal Justice Initiative. In my attempt to find resources that would help me keep track, I created this character guide and event timeline. Each page is designed as an infographic and covers two chapters. Unlike other guides that I found that list each character by "significance," I listed the characters in order of appearance along with a short summary. 

The timelines show how many events and cases overlap throughout the book. As you can see, multiple cases were going on at the same time as Walter's case (1986-1994).


The content for this guide is taken from the book, but is not meant to be an infringement in any way. This was strictly a personal project created with the hope that people would be inspired by Just Mercy, and encouraged to read it.

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